Lesson policies & guidelines

Please download a copy of the guidelines here:




How to Schedule a lesson: Send an e-mail, text, or call me at 609-969-8996.  Let me know the days/times you have available and I will see if I can find you a regular time slot. You can sign up for one lesson at a time or reserve a regular weekly/monthly spot.

Rescheduling/Cancelling: Unless it is an emergency, please try to reschedule the lesson at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. If you cannot reschedule, the lesson must be paid for in full using PayPal or Venmo. If the lesson is a no-show, the lesson must still be paid in full OR you can schedule a makeup lesson with me within the next two weeks. To reschedule, please do so at any time before the beginning of the scheduled lesson. I completely understand if you are sick and I would prefer that you stay home. Sickness and singing never pair well :).

Payment: Billing can be charged in 4-week cycles if preferred. You can also pay each week at the start of the lesson.  The preferred (and easiest) method of payment is Venmo or cash.

Rates: The 2021 lesson rate is $70 per hour, $52.50 for 45-minutes, and $35 for 30-minutes.


Discounts: There is a 5% off family discount per lesson for each sibling (or person from the same household; parent and child, for example). This discount applies to regularly scheduled lessons only (weekly or biweekly). I will also provide a one-time $10 off referral discount for any other students that you recommend me to.

Drop off Policy: Parents are welcome to stay for the first lesson or come for the last 5 minutes. However, since I do not have a private studio yet (I am teaching from my house) I please ask that you honor my drop-off policy and leave your child at the door. It is very important for your child to develop a relationship with me that is a safe space where they can express themselves musically and we work as a team on their success. As a vocal student myself, I can relate to the experience of feeling shy when mom or dad are looking on or commenting during a lesson. They want to make you proud, so I do encourage them to have you come in when they are feeling confident about a piece they have been working on.
If your child is younger, or if you live far, I can always make exceptions. Please make sure your child is picked up on time.

Other policies:

  • Our first lesson is the introduction. There’s no other session prior to the start of lessons.

  • References are appreciated and welcomed as well as reviews on my website under the “Reviews and Testimonials." I offer a one-time referral discount to students who pass me along!

  • Please don’t enter your lesson more than five minutes early to respect the time of the previous student’s lesson.

Recording: I highly encourage my students to audio record their lessons so that they can listen back, practice or take notes. The entirety of every lesson must be audio-recorded. Please use a phone, tablet or digital recorder.

Materials: I recommend that you always have a pencil and you keep all of your music in a three-ring binder so that it is neat and easy to read. Please have your materials and a bottle of water ready when we begin.
If you play an instrument and plan on accompanying yourself, you are absolutely allowed to bring it.


Requested Material: If you need an audio recording, backing track, warmup, sheet music, monologue, or setlist, please let me know and I will send it to you through email. I charge $5 for backing tracks and $15 for full recordings.

Contact: If you need to discuss something, this can be done by e-mail or text. You can reach me at melashe16@gmail.com and 609-969-8996. If you would rather call, please leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you prefer to talk in person, please leave time at the end or at the beginning of your lesson to do so, not on your way out, when the next student’s lesson has already begun.



Thank you so much!!!
Melanie Ashe